Monday, July 20, 2009

July, 2009

Lydia in her swing, with her blankie,
sucking her thumb and loving it!
Look at that SMILE!!!
Here she is on her tummy, giving another big grin! God has blessed us again with a joyful baby.(she does have her moments, though :~) )

Here is Timmy, our cone head. It is a Taco Bell bag with the garbage in it. We told him to collect all the garbage from dinner and throw it away, and that is how he collected it. I had to get a picture before he threw it away.

Here is Anna, so beautiful, after putting mascara on.
She looks happy for the picture, but Mommy wasn't
too happy, so after picture time she wasn't either!

We had a Tea Party with Nana her girls
and Aunt Kristine and Rebecca. The babies
were fussy when it was picture time, but Kaitlynne
and Tabitha were very happy all dolled up.

Lydia out cold after a long work out with her toys!!! She looked so cute all sprawled out like that!

In Love Always & Forever

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