Friday, July 16, 2010

July update

Well, we know that "all things work together for good"! Never so true in my life!!!! God is so good!

Tim, recently quit working for the Funeral Home. He enjoyed the work (still not sure how or why?), but there were politics in there, like every place of work (life really)! He was put on the back burner, so to speak, and wasn't getting called except at the least convenient time. Since he was always on call, it just wasn't working out, and then there was the fact that it takes so much out of our taxes..... Not worth it if he only gets called every other month or so! Please pray for him, he is looking for a new second job.

Me, well I am 36 weeks pregnant now! Time flies, seems like I just had Lydia. Oh wait, I did! :0) Kaleb Micah is going to be here before I know it too! We are planning a Home Birth this time around. I am so excited, but have to keep reminding my self that even though I will be in the comfort of my own home, it is still going to be labor! I am SO looking forward to not being in the hospital this time around. I love my mid-wife and trust her so much. She has delivered over 1300 babies, including 3 of my nephews, 1 niece, and two babies of friends. I just smile when I think of being able labor with no time table, no monitors (those annoying belts on my tummy), no blood pressure cuff squeezing the fire out of my arm in the middle of a contraction, nurses telling me what to do or how to do things, being able to move around as much as I want, and be able to really bond un-interrupted with Kaleb when he comes out.....I could go on and on! Yet at the same time, I will have such personal care from my mid-wife that I know she will take care of me and Kaleb if a problem arises! Since I will be her only "patient" at the time, I know she will be concentrating, and anticipate any problem that might come about.

Timmy, is now 6 and very excited about being in 1st grade. He can't wait to start school again! He is now and orange belt in Karate, one more stripe and he can test for his Yellow belt. He is very excited about a Karate Tournament at the end of the month. He can't wait for his little brother to come out, he keeps asking: "How many more sleeps 'till Kaleb comes out?"! I love that he is so excited, all the kids are looking forward to a new baby. Timmy got this idea that I have all the babies are in my tummy now, and talks about "after Kaleb comes out then you will have two baby girls" :-0 I pray that I can have a little longer break this time, but we'll see what God has for us.

Kaitlynne, is 4 and waiting for her 5th birthday. She is SUPER excited about starting Kindergarten. I am praying that I will have enough patience to home school, and keep up with everything else! She is my little helper, she is such great company to me. She is a sweet and sensitive little girl. She loves her family, God, church and loves to sing! She is always wanting to help with Lydia, feeding her, and helping keep her content while I do house work.

Kristianna, our "Anna-Banana", is still such a JOY! She is 3 now, but thinks she is 5 or 6. She is a ham, that is always making us laugh. She is starting to really obey better, and is now saying "yes Ma'am/Sir" with out being reminded. She also loves church, singing, and is a prayer warrior. She always reminds me ANY prayer time if I forget to pray for her Auntie (our sister in law that is battling Lymphoma Cancer"). She is sitting in "big church" now, and does OK. She is great when it is just her, but I am sure that she will get better. I am hoping anyway, especially when Kaleb comes!

Lydia, she is walking, talking, playing, screaming, and wearing purses! She loves her brother and sisters, and tries to be just like them. It is so cute to watch her pile on the purses, and dress up clothes at 14 months! She is a great sleeper and loves her bed. When she is tired she whines at you, then when you get up she runs into her room and tried to climb in her bed. She is such a good baby, I am praying that she will stay in the swing of things when Kaleb comes! She still has hardly any hair, but I am sure next year it will grow like my other girls did.

We are loving our life that God has given us, so thankful to be where He has placed us. God is good, I know that I don't deserve the life He has given me. I am so thankful for His grace!!! I am also thankful for my wonderful Husband God has given me for almost 7 years (Monday). God really blessed me with the best man for me, he is truly my best friend. I am so thankful that he is faithful to me, and our family, he is such a good provider, great leader, and AWESOME Daddy! I am looking forward to spending forever with him!

In Love Always & Forever

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