Monday, February 21, 2011

Home School! Are you crazy?

Well I think that I have become crazy:-) I sometimes get down when I am having a bad day, and my oh my does Satan put thoughts in my head. Things like: why home school anyway, you have a Christian school at your church? People will be so glad you put 'em in. You get so frusterated with them, it would be better if they were gone and not home. You are not smart enough. They aren't learning enough, or the right way. They need the social interaction... AND ON AND ON AND ON!!!!
Some times I give into these thoughts and try to reason with my husband in my conversation in my mind. I argue with myself in my head and even at times start to bring it up to my Dear Hubby. I am so glad that he is set in what he wants, because I know so much of my back and forth is because of my emotionalness (is that even a word?).
I am writing this now to keep myself from this battle! I am "Blogging it out" so to speak! God called my hubby to lead our family and his leading is that we should train our kids and teach them in our home. I have my good days that I enoy it and wouldn't want it any other way, then days like today when I think my wacko thoughts. So I write this to ask for prayer, and to possibly be an encouragement to others that may think "am I the only one who gets this way?"!!!! I remember Mrs. Maxwell speaking about this very subject at their conference last year. She told how she even went so far as to call the Chirstian school and get the price. When her hubby came home and she "shared" what the price was, he said he would just homeschool them at night. That if she could just baby-sit them during the day, then he would teach. Can you imagine?! I have to remind myself of this more often.
Hope that all that read this will share what helps them.

In Love Always & Forever

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