Monday, November 29, 2010

Are you Pro-Life or just Anti-Abortion???

I have heard people say they are Pro-Life, but I wonder if they really know when life begins? There is no question about it to me, it is at conception. There has been medically documentation as well as the Bible telling us that we were known before we were formed."Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." Jeremiah 1:5.

"Development of the embryo begins at Stage 1 when a sperm fertilizes an oocyte and together they form a zygote."
[England, Marjorie A. Life Before Birth. 2nd ed. England: Mosby-Wolfe, 1996, p.31]

I am saddened when I hear that Christians that profess to be Pro-Life are using methods of Birth Control, WAIT, BIRTH CONTROL???? The name BIRTH control should tell us what it is, right. Controlling birth, not conception, the beginning of life?! What are we thinking?????!!!! I cannot believe for a second that God is pleased when we take life in our hands. Now some may argue that it is just a name and that it doesn't control birth but rather pregnancy. Well I am going to scan in what my Kaiser Midwife gave me about this so called contraceptive device that she said does not allow you to get pregnant, and she says isn't going to destroy life.

So if you can get pregnant with it in, obviously you can get pregnant and kill your baby before you even realize you are pregnant. And it is NOT controlling pregnancy, but like its name birth!

Well there you have it. It is going to try to stop the sperm from getting to an egg, then if that doesn't work it will try to stop it from fertilizing it, and if that doesn't work then it "prevents a fertilized egg (Zygote-aka BABY) from implanting on the uterine wall"!!! Yes people it kills, maybe not the first method or even the second, but are you really going to chance the third method of killing your child?
"Human development begins after the union of male and female gametes or germ cells during a process known as fertilization (conception).
"Fertilization is a sequence of events that begins with the contact of a sperm (spermatozoon) with a secondary oocyte (ovum) and ends with the fusion of their pronuclei (the haploid nuclei of the sperm and ovum) and the mingling of their chromosomes to form a new cell. This fertilized ovum, known as a zygote, is a large diploid cell that is the beginning, or primordium, of a human being."
[Moore, Keith L. Essentials of Human Embryology. Toronto: B.C. Decker Inc, 1988, p.2]

We see these videos on abortion and are grieved by them and many Christians are doing the same thing by using IUD's. I really think that the world and medical world has brain washed us. How sad that we are willing to take life in our hands. I have also known two ladies that were damaged from an IUD and it embedding into there uterus. One friend has offered to share her story with anyone who will listen, so please let me know if you would like to talk with her and I will get you connected with her.

Are you really Pro-Life or just Anti-abortion???

God wants to bless you, maybe with a child please do not listen to the devil, or your Dr. when they say an IUD is safe or isn't killing babies, because it is! Read the pamphlet from Mirena! Here is what I copied and pasted from Mirena's website:

A Mirena slowly releases very small amounts of the hormone levonorgestrel directly into your uterus.

There is no single explanation for how Mirena works. Mirena may:

  • Thicken cervical mucus to prevent sperm from entering your uterus
  • Inhibit sperm from reaching or fertilizing your egg
  • Make the lining of your uterus thin

Mirena may stop the release of your egg from your ovary, but this is not the way it works in most cases. Most likely the above actions work together to prevent pregnancy. Like other forms of birth control, Mirena is not 100% effective. If there is a chance that you could become pregnant than there is a chance that you could abort!

If you believe that life is at conception, how can you use a deadly device! "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."James 4:17 . I am kindly trying to warn those that will listen. If you read the info mentioned here you will see for yourself.

This is just me thinking and rambling on about something that I am passionate about. My husband and I are loving the life that God has blessed us with and the children He has given us. I merely want to warn others that are being deceived, stop listening to the lie of the devil. (who might be disguised as your Dr.)

In Love Always & Forever

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