Friday, August 12, 2011

Scars can be a good thing

I just had a spot of skin Cancer removed from my face. It was a very treatable Cancer, they just had to remove it completely. It usually doesn't spread or anything scary like so many other kinds of Cancers. The Dr. did a running stitch to close up the wound from the removal. He mention that in a few months if I don't like the outcome of the scar that I could come back and they would fix it. He mentioned it several times, I think more so because it was on my face.
Sorry if this is gross to you? :-S
I am sure many people are self-conscious about looks, I like to think that I am not. I am not saying I am excited about how big it turned out to be, and that it most likely will always show either. What got me thinking is that scars are there for a reason. It is the leftover picture, part of the healing process. I also have a large 6 inch scar in my knee, from a knee surgery over 10 years ago. That scar is so deep, that it cause nerve damage. If I bump it, or touch it wrong I have a pain that shoots through my leg. It is also numb all around the one side from the damaged nerve. Why am I sharing this? Because it is like trials in our life. I think often we go through a trial and come out with nothing more than a scratch. We are annoyed that we got it, and forget about it when it is gone. Then there are trial that are bigger, deep sorrow, physical pain, hurt, loss, ect.... Or thing that we do wrong, our regret over it, times we don't trust the Lord, ect. When we get through some of those things, we should praise the Lord.
When I had my knee surgery I really thought I would heal and be done with all the pain. It has turned into a life-long battle. The Dr. told me after my last surgery in '09 that I may need a knee re-placement in 10 years. I will only be in my mid-30s! Now I am not done with all that pain, but I can praise the Lord though. I have a way to connect with many Seniors that come to out church. Many times the elderly that have ailments just want to talk about it. Well I can listen, but I can also sympathize:-)
I have that scar, because God wanted it there. There is much more to it than what I have out, maybe I will share that testimony another time. Now this thing on my face, I thought I was ready for, 'till I actually saw how big it was and how silly I look with the big bandage over it. After I had the procedure done, my hubby took me to lunch for a late anniversary lunch! It was so yummy. I never felt so many stares! So many people were looking at me.
Just like in life so many people are looking at you. If you are a born again Christian, the un-saved are watching you. Are you shinning? The saved are watching you to see how you act in Crisis', what do they see? During the hard trials we can shine, we may still end up with a scar, but it can be such an encouragement to others and yourself if you trust in HIM to take you through and heal you. We can be reminded of the good or the bad......
I feel like this thing on my face is so small in comparison to the Cancer that my sister in faced for 2 years. What a shinning light she was. I will never forget when they found the first big mass in her chest and told her that it was probably Cancer. I was watching her kids while she was at the Dr. she came home and I cried. She comforted me and I saw what strong relationship she had with the Lord. "God knows, and He is allowing it for a reason", those were her words. She has many scars now, and she can use them to witness, and to encourage others. Scars can be a good thing.
Hope this rambling is a blessing!

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