Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whose business is it anyway???

I cannot believe what people will say? I have a friend (of a friend) that is in her late 30's, has a down syndrom (SWEET and PRECIOUS) daughter, along with 4 boys older and younger than her girl. She recently announce her pregnancy! A gift from God, a blessing, and desired treasure to this family. People have asked "WHY would you want more?" and "aren't you kinda old?" and "don't you think you should do something?"!!! Is one's family size anyone's business???? I think it is TERRIBLY sad when people limit God's blessings, but I don't go around asking families with 2-3 kids why they aren't having more? I especially think it sad when there are families that have a hard time getting pregnant, and then finally have children to turn around andjbe "DONE" at 2. It isn't my business, hardly ever do you hear people telling people to have more kids. Yet I have had so many comments and people telling me that I should be done.

I think when people start asking me "are you done?" again that I will just ask them "is it any of you business?". Maybe that will get the point across!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Well I am 38 weeks and few days! I am ready for this baby to come. Any day now in the next 3-4 weeks I will become a mother of 5! I can hardly believe it at times, to think that 9 years ago I was on my way to a soccer career and life of my own. Yet God detoured my life from my will and place me back in His will. God is so good! I am loving this life, and enjoy serving Him.

I am so excited to meet Kaleb Micah any day now. I can't wait to see what he'll look like! I keep thinking that he'll be blond like Kaitlynne, but we'll see. I wonder too if he will be a big baby or small baby, I am think that he'll be big because I feel HUGE. Plus people are telling me how big I am, of course I always get that! But I really feel bigger this time around. And my oh my are more stretch marks coming on!

Me and my Beloved

The kids and Tim are anxious for Kaleb too! The kids are asking "how many more sleeps 'till Kaleb comes?". I keep reminding them, as well as me, when he is ready he'll come. It seems like I am ready one minute, anxious the next, and then can become very content in waiting. I am silly I know.
Here are some recent preggo pictures!

In Love Always & Forever

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