Sunday, August 18, 2013


 I recently downloaded a picasa account thinking it would be faster to upload my pictures from my phone. It was not any faster and was just taking up space on both my phone and pc, so I decided to delete it. It asked if I wanted to delete any pictures and i clicked yes thinking it was only those that I had sent through my phone that I still had. It wasn't. It was every single picture I ever uploaded to my blog apparently. I am so bummed. I do have many of the pictures printed, but some aren't even on my computer and are gone! GRRRR If anyone knows a way to retrieve them give me a shout out!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back to Blogging....

Wow I can't believe it has been over year! Time sure flies.. I remember being a kids the school year would drag and summer would pass so quickly. Now as a "grown up" it seems that time just passes faster and faster each year.

After that last blog entry I had many things happen in my life. 2012 what a year of learning. Learning to lean on my Lord more than ever before. I learned to fully lean on him, through testing, trials, hardships, hurts, and more. Coming out this side of it all, I can say that know my Saviour more than ever before. I look back at a few years ago when I felt like i was "doing fine" Spiritually and realize that I was drowning in a sea of look good Christianity. I looked ok, played the part well, and wasn't into deep sin, but my oh my was I so far from the Lord.

I will be catching those who want to know up with my life in the last year as I can. I do have a wonderful husband and kids to meet the needs of, so it will be here and there when I can fit it in to be at the computer.... I will share what the Lord has done in my life, what He has taught me or shown me, what's working with Homeschooling, things that are encouraging me in the ministry, ect...

I may talk about area's that I feel strongly about. Not to make anyone who dis-agrees with me mad, upset, or like they have to agree, just to share. I know that when I go through something it often encourages me to know that someone else's been there. Or that I did something that some one else did, just to know i am not loony.... So I hope no one gets hurt or upset. I also will make no apologies for what I write about, the way I live or how I choose to share it. If you don't want to know how great my home birth was, then don't read my birth stories. If you want to nitpick how I home school, go right ahead ( I probably will not publish your comments:-) ), if you want to go through old post and 'stick it to me" in how i changed my mind go ahead...just don't try to tell me about it.  I am not writing to please one group of readers. I am righting to shine for the Lord, and what I feel His leading is, perhaps be used of Him to help a sister in Lord. I don't care to get into debates, like i said already this is just where I am sharing what in my heart, like or don't:-) If you find fault in what I right, sorry, I am not the most grammatically correct writers!

For the Snarky people, go ahead have your fun.... I seem to remember being too boring anyway!

SO last April not too long after writing my birth story, my husband found out he had Cancer. It was a shock! Through it all (which I will try to write about eventually) I got to know the Lord so much. I realized that  all too often I was running to "friends" and not turning to the one that should have been my best friends. God revealed how faithful and patient He is and will be for His children....... To be continued....

In Love Always & Forever

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