Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lydia Rose

Daddy holding Lydia just a while after she was born.
Anna, Timmy, and Kaitlynne holding her in the hospital the next day

Lydia with a goofy grin, three days old.

Hurray!!! Lydia Rose finally came May 5, 2009.

7 lbs. 0 oz. 19 inches


  1. How cute! I just called you to ask when I could see some pictures and as the phone was ringing I pulled these up. She is very adorable. (So are the other three, too!) Timmy and Kaitlynne could pass as fraternal twins, they look the same age and very alike.

  2. What a beautiful little girl & a lovely family. Lydia looks so tiny in the pic with Tim holding her. Her brother & sisters look very proud of their new sister, too. Thanks for sharing the pics - we really enjoy them!
    Curt & Karen Blakeman


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