Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Silly Times ;-)

Timmy can't wait to grow big like Daddy!! Kaitlynne said one day to Timmy "You should grow big and tall like Uncle Michael, then your head will stick up in the air, and you can touch the top of the house(she means the ceiling)" My brother is 6 feet 7 inches, and I guess his head does stick up in the air!:~)
Lydia looking soooo serious!!!
Timmy asked Daddy to smell his cupcake, and Daddy fell for it!!! It was mommy's idea so thankfully Timmy didn't get into trouble.

Our Anna is so tough, and she is always getting hurt. Here she is after she fell into the corner of the wall after running down our hall way. OOOWWW!!!
Our cutie pie Kaitlynne looking sweet, as she is most of the time.

God has really blessed us with happy children!!! Lydia is growing so fast, she is rolling everywhere. She got her ears pierced, and looks adorable. We had a great summer!

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