Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time for Something New

Wow, that was the most comments I have ever gotten on a blog! Enough with that.

Tim, is going to go on two business trips in January. I am excited for him to be able to do this, and will enjoy the extra income. (school books for next year, yeah) He is excited about going to, great things are happening for him at his work. God has really blessed us with his stable job.

Timmy, is doing so well in school now. It is so nice that he can read, what little sponges they are. It really made me think how smart kids are, they learn so much in such a short time. He is now a Camo belt in Karate. (He is definately a home-schooler now) ;0) He was so excited about that belt, and did so good testing.

Kaitlynne, picked up reading so quickly. She is reading so much, and is a good reader. I am so amazed! She is becoming such a sweet little girl, and a great big sister. She has a way with Lydia that no one else does. She can get her to stop crying sometimes when Ican't. She holds her too, which is so helpful when I am feeding Kaleb and can't. It is now a little game, for Lydia to sit on her sisters lap.

Kristianna, what a ball of energy. She is growing up so fast, wanting to do "school time". She is a goofy girl that is loving being able to be a helper to Kaleb. She loves to give him his pacy, hold him, and wrap him for me. She is so calm when he is fussy, something I never though was possible Anna calm?!?! She is such a ham. Today at church she came walking out of the Nursery when I was getting ready to feed Kaleb. I asked her what she was doing, she looks up and says " I am sneaking out here"! Such a GOOBER:0)

Lydia, is starting to be more of a toddler and not such a baby:0( So bitter-sweet. She loved her "Kayuh" and all animals are now "dog"s. She loves animals, dogs, more than any of our others kiddos. She is a little follower of her sibblings, wish she could dicern and only copy when they are good.

Kaleb, is rolling everywhere. Talking up a storm of baby talk, and grabbing toys and putting 'em in his mouth. He is a happy, "mellow-jello" baby. I am so blessed to have a sweet calm baby. It seems like everyother baby has been this way, so hopefully the Lord gives a bigger gap this time around:0)

Me, well I am starting to adjust to regular hormones. At least a little bit, though I have been way more weepy, than ever. I just reminisce about things and could cry a river.:0) I am so excited about some new happenings in our family.....

God has given us so much to be Thankful for, we are so blessed. I am so Thankful for the life that I am able to live, helping the one who He chose for me, caring for the little BLESSINGS that He blessed us with, serving the Lord. I pray that I can be what He wants me to be. Today in Sunday School, my teacher was talking about doing what we know is right. "doing right is doing what you know is right (because what the Bible says) not what others tell you is right, or what you think is right". I think is what He said. It was really good! I am really enjoying this new Sunday School class!

I read other blogs and I love their thought on the issue, so thought I would share them with anyone who'd like to read them. Not for a debate, but for a blessing:0)

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