Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mama Days

Doesn't that smile just melt your heart!!!

Wow, I can't believe how time flies!!! Kaleb is already 7 months old, crawling everywhere and getting into LOTS of trouble :0) The joys of an exploring baby boy! His favorite places are the bricks around our wood stove, and our scanner/printer which is under our computer. Obvious "no-no" zone's. We lived in this house for all of Lydia's life, and I think she has only gone to the bricks a handful of times. UGH!! I was thinking of getting the gate, but they are very pricey and my hubby reminded me that we need to "house proof" our child, not the other way around. So if I leave the living room he ends up in the exersaucer or with me. He is certainly a joy, such a content baby. Even when he is sick (which has been lots with having the RSV) he is very cuddly.

Anna (3 & 3/4) learned to write her name today! She was so excited, as were the rest of us! Me being the hormonal mommy that I am got misty eyed. It is so silly, the things that make me weepy sometimes!!!! Oh well, at least I know I am not dead:-)
Lydia (23 mo) is starting to talk more, and more clearly. I am thinking of getting rid of the pacifier soon, because I can see that it is messing up her teeth. I am hoping to do it soon, and then buy her some panties. She has been getting her sisters' and putting 'em on over her diapers. She is also telling me that she has to go "paweee" and "pawooo". I am thinking that will be her B-day present in May.

Timmy learned to ride a 2 wheeler!!!
Timmy and Kaitlynne are so happy that I am teaching them again. I had been doing Abeka video's and it was really making it such a long drawn out day for them. I have since decided that I really don't have to be up to where the Chirstian School is because I home-school! (duh) I had it in my mind that I didn't want anyone to think that I wasn't up to par, if they realized that my kids were behind. Well I have since realized it doesn't matter what others think!!! And really if my kids aren't on the same lesson is not really important either. I should be taking time and make sure that they are getting each concept, and growin in the Lord. Not being rush thru everything just to be on a certain lesson.

Going to the Maxwell's Family conference was just what I needed. So refreshing, encouraging, conviciting, and motivating. I am so excited about the cd's I got on encouragement, they are so good so far. I have been reading the Moody books to my kids too, and my older 2 are loving them. They ask me over and over to read them another chapter.

Tim is such a GREAT man. Such an example to me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. He has been the most Christ-like person in my life. No matter what I have ever done, he has still loved me and looked past my faults, just like the Lord. He is such a Godly man I am so thankful that He loves me. He is leading our family so well! Wish I could follow as well as he leads.

I am praying about and looking into switching curriculem for our kids next year. I would appreciate if any veteran Home School Mom's input. One I am considering is Landmark. Thanks!

Well I guess I should go, Kaleb is sick (which is why I am not at church) and about to wake up from his nap and I need to put another load into the laundry!Sisters♥


  1. Funny...I was just going to do a series of posts about curriculum! I just got my blog redone to start it :D Great minds think alike huh?! LOL

    I am not a "veteran", but of all the curriculums I've used, I like Landmark the best. It's working really well for my family. I like that is easy for them to use independently. Easy to correct. Easy to understand. And best of all my kids like it!

    I like that it's all KJV and they use the McGuffey's readers up through 5th grade. James Michael is reading through Pilgrim's Progress for his literature and I just love that! They seem to be very thorough in all their subjects. Plus they're very inexpensive! Major benefit with 8 kiddos :D


  2. He is growing up so fast! What a cutie pie!!!

    I used ABEKA when I first started homeschooling Timmy and Brett, after a few years I stopped using them, it was too much for us. 15 years later I have become a very eclectic homeschooler (something I never thought I could be). I have some friends who use Landmark and they really enjoy it. I looked into it when we started deputation, it wasn't for us. The beauty of homeschooling is you can pick what fits for each child because they are so different from each other.

    Praise God he has blessed you with such a godly man, how blessed you and your children are!


In Love Always & Forever

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