Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birthday Girl ~ Fun Days

Well we celebrated Kaitlynne's 6th birthday last Monday. Wow time sure flies by!!!! It seems like I was just expecting her. She has been such a sweet girl lately, such a helper by nature, she's growing up too fast.
Here is her Daddy holding her the day she was born:

She surprised me the most when she came out. I never thought I would have a blond:-) That she is still to this day. :-) I love her silliness that brings our family so much JOY!

Here is some of her growing up:

Such a cutie pie!

Such a shy girl at times:-)

Here she is riding a horse:-) She is doing so well now at the horse lessons, and it is helping her get over her fear of animals too.

Here is a little peak at our newest peanut! Our Surprise will be here soon. My baby Ticker says 102 days or so:-)

I have enjoyed Homeschooling so much this year. I am using mostly Landmark and we enjoy most of it. The kids (older 3) are enjoying their Daddy giving them piano lessons on a more regular basis. They are such quick learners!

I haven't done much sewing lately, but had fun making these Bible cover/cases for Timmy and Kaitlynne. They were super quick & easy. I am so thankful that my mom taught me to sew, it is a fun hobby, that is becoming more necessary with the styles and trends of today.

Someone recently said something to shrug off their sin/ bad habits. "I'm just a sinner". I was thinking about the song last night and how it always strikes me a few lines after that phrase "when I stood condemned to die HE took my place". Our sins were nailed to the cross! As Christians let's not forget that though we may just be "sinners" that some one took OUR penalty. Something we can all do....... try to not abuse Grace:-)


  1. Happy 6th Birthday Kaitlynne! I LOVED the photo of her sleeping as a sweet!

    Thank you for sharing your ultrasound photo too!

    Hope your pregnancy is progressing well! :)

  2. Glad to see your baby bump is progressing well.

    The Bible covers are super cute.

    And happy birthday to Kaitlynne. Six is a sweet age.

  3. Awww, she's so big! Happy Birthday Girl!


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