Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to (semi) NORMAL

Well I am finally feeling like I am back to normal. This time around it took me a while longer to bounce back. Strange feelings this time too after having Kaleb, I was not prepared for it either! I usually welcome visitors and go right back to church after giving birth. Anna was born on a Friday morning and I was in church that following Sunday!!! This time was different, I did not want to see people or have anyone in my home. I felt like I was on the verge of tears, Oh the joys of emotions!!! Well I am kinda over that now, yea!!! Here I am enjoying the Nursing mother's room at our church. I can sit in a VERY comfy chair with my baby, and see and hear the whole church service on the screen in there. It is so nice, I know that not all church's have a room like ours.

We went out door knocking last Saturday as a family, and it was fun. I didn't do much because I had to feed Kaleb (that is when I took this picture), but what a picture to see my hubby with the kids planting seeds of the gospel for the Lord. What blessing to be able to serve the Lord as a family. God really has prepared me this time to enjoy this baby stage, so I will not be going back to teaching S.S. or anything. I can serve Him by raising my children and training them for His glory. The Maxwell's Conference we went to in the beginning of the year, really helped prepare my heart more for the call of being a Christian mother. I don't want to miss the blessings of motherhood, for anything!

Life is getting back into our "new" routine. I am now homeschooling 2 kids, Kindergarten and First grade. It is starting to get going too, Timmy is enjoying it so far much better than last year. I am TRYING to have more patience with him. He is a perfectionist, and I am SO not one.

Kaitlynne is doing great with the Phonics so far, and is starting to pick up on the cursive. I tried to introduce it last year, but she was not ready yet. Praise the Lord she is doing now, I certainly didn't want to have to send it back and re-order curriculum.

Anna, is doing okay sitting at the table with us doing colors, coloring, and counting. She does get bored at the end, but today she picked up our short vowel sound cards and said them on her own! She is in this silly stage where she keeps telling me and Tim, and the other kids "I like you". She is saying it instead of love, not sure where she picked it up at but it is cute! She smiles after she says it, like she knows she should be saying love. Little stinker!!! She is in church with us, and doing much better latley too. Thankfully she is a good whisperer, even if she is a fidgiter!

Lydia, blessed girl takes such a good morning nap that helps me be able to give the kids a good 2 hours of time with my attention on school work and teaching time. She is such a happy girl lately, and so loving to her baby brother. My only issue with her adjusting to him is that she is too kissy with him! She is loving table food, and is officially DONE with baby food. She wants to feed herself now too, my do they become independent so quickly.

Kaleb, is an easy and perfect baby! HAHA I love hearing new mom's say that! I know I probably did with my first, but most babies are so easy in the beginning. He eats, sleeps, and poops! Really that is what he does. I am trying to get him on the eat, wake, sleep cycle and he IS doing good at that. Hoping that he will stay as mellow as he seems, but whatever God has for me He will enable me , right?! He is sleeping well at night and wakes up a few times, I know because I wake up with him next to me, or on the other side of me. So I know that I am feeding him at night, but it is in my sub-consious I guess! Really I do remember waking up with him, but like I said he is a mellow guy so far, so he isn't screaming "screeching". He is a softer crier, thankfully, Lydia and Kaitlynne were so LOUD and high piched. Tim is glad too, because he doesn't wake up from him at all!!!

Tim is back to looking for a second job, with nothing in sight yet. But I know that God will provide in His time. We had a horrible thing happen last week, our fridge died. Praise the Lord, He gave us a brand new one, that was bigger than our last one. What a blessing to see the Lord work, and to be able to let our kids see how God works. After telling Anna that God gave us our new fridge she said to Kaitlynne later: "God gave me the fwidge and now I like God"!

First picture with all the kids. I have gotten some comments at the store when I took all the kids shopping! I will share later, but people can be so sweet, and some can be really sour!

My church provided us with meals for 2 weeks! What blessing, but now I need to strat back up. I am in need of some new meal ideas, so anyone with some quick and easy recipes would be Greatly appreciated! We mostly eat chicken, but occasionally use ground meat too.

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  1. First...Why is the stuff on the left side going down one letter at a time? :)

    Easy meal we recently discovered and love.
    Dirty rice burritos
    2 c rice (then cook it :)
    2-3 cans black beans rinsed & drained
    add black beans to rice after rice is cooked
    heat up tortillas (wrap in damp paper towels, put in plastic bag (ie..Wal-Mart bag) and heat for 2 mins)
    make up burritos....we like em with shredded cheese, sour cream, bbq sauce, etc...

    Chicken Rice Casserole
    1 can Cream Chicken soup
    1 1/3 c water
    3/4 c Rice
    1/2 tsp garlic powder
    1/4 tsp pepper
    Mrs. Dash table blend

    Mix soup, water, garlic powder, pepper. Add rice
    Lay chicken on top (I use the tenderloins)
    sprinkle with Mrs. Dash
    Bake @ 375 for 50 mins
    Put shredded cheese on top to melt when you take it out.

    :) Love ya!


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