Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kaleb Micah is here!

August 19 early in the morning I was woke up with mild contractions every 15 minutes. This lasted though out the day, so I tried my best to rest yet get everything ready. I knew that this was "it", and that he would be coming probably late in the night or early the next morning. I was READY! Tim went to work like any old day, and the kids played. My mom came up around noon, and soon Tim was home from work. I had called Claudette (my midwife) to let her know that it was coming, and she made plans to check on me through the phone and that evening a house call. The more I stayed in my room the closer my contractions would get, but as soon as I joined the family and went in the living room they'd spread out again.
When Claudette came at 6ish, I was dilated to about a 3! I thought, yep he is coming tomorrow morning for sure. I have longer labors usually. So she offered me Castor Oil, and I said "bleck, no thanks'' I didn't want any of those side effects on top of normal labor. Claudette was considering going home and waiting for me to call her, but she and I were both concerned because she lives over an hour and half away. So she offered to apply Cervical pressure points. I said "sure", thinking that is might speed things up but it would still be a while. Then she told me that 90% of woman have quicker labor when she has done this! Oh my, would I fall into that 90%? She decided to go shopping and come and check me in an hour or so.
BOOM, as soon as she left hard contractions replaced those mild one's and got closer together. When Claudette got here around 8, she surprsed to hear me and asked "Is she moaning thru the contractions?" I was and I was to get into the tub. So after a few minutes she checked me, and I was only a 5. My mind went the wrong direction and I was starting to get discouraged, because I thought "great a 5, I still have hours left :0(" I really wanted to get in the water, but Claudette wanted me to wait 'till contractions were a little closer together. So I got up and changed positions and within 10 minutes they were about 5 minutes apart. I was finally going to be able to get into the tub.
During all this time my WONDERFUL Husband and my GREAT mom switched back and forth from helping me breath through contractions, rubbing my back, to helping get everything set up for the birth. They were Awesome! I love the fact that I have the best Husband in the world who loves me so much and is always so kind, but when I am in labor I see his love from his eyes. There is nothing like it! He is my Best friend, and I am so blessed to have such a great partner for life. He never shows worry either, which is so helpful when I am laboring. My mom is such a good encourager. Although this time she had to tell me how proud she is of me and start crying! What a goof:) Made me smile though. Every birth of mine she has come to and she always says the same thing "It is so hard to watch your child go through labor". So this time I asked her to switch me places, but she wouldn't!
Soon my sister in law Rosemary came, and jumped in helping me. She also helped Claudette get everything set up. Having Claudette there was obviously a necessity, but such a blessing too. She was so quiet, yet so very efficient. When asking me questions even during early labor, if I started a contraction she would be so calm and quiet. It was so nice having my care provider do that "CARE", and being her only patient at the moment I felt very cared for.
So around 9:15 I entered into the warm tub! Ah what relief! After 4 or 5 contractions I thought I was feeling like I need to push but not too strong. So Claudette checked me and I was a 7. Woohoo, I knew it was soon. I was thinking like an hour or so. I had a few more contractions and felt THE NEED TO PUSH. She checked and I was 9 and 3/4 barely any cervix left so she told me to go ahead. I started to try to push and couldn't get the hang of it and said "I can't remember how" everyone told me "just let your body do the work". When I started to grunt him down I could feel him coming down and I gave one push. Claudette was starting to put perennial pressure and began explaining to Tim how to help and how to pull the baby up. He was supposed to be catching this little guy. When I said, "forget it he's coming". I kept waiting for the head to crown, when I gave my second push and thought that it was his head. It was his shoulders and my husband and Claudette were together passing my beloved boy to my chest. Wow, that was the easiest pushing ever!
I bonded with my baby, it was so sweet to not be checked proded, and hold my baby to myself. I was able do this till a little after I delivered the placenta. Such an experience. My daughter Kaitlynne was able to cut the cord with her daddy's help. Such a memorable moment. Both of my older girls were able to be in the room when their brother was born. They were standing on the couch behind me. What sweet girls they were, during that time they were so quiet. Soon after the cord was cut Daddy got to hold his new son, as Mommy was helped to her bed. Soon Timmy and Lydia were brought home to see their brother. Timmy was so excited to have a brother now!

I am so thankful to the Lord for such a wonderful birth experience. As well as for a safe delivery! What a good God I have as my Savior, I am blessed to be His child. The Lord saw me through, and as I labored in my home, I was able to see His Words that help decorate my walls. "The Lord is good, a strong hold in the time of trouble, and He knoweth them that trust in Him." Nahum 1:7, my life's verse played over and over in my mind, because my God is GOOD!

My home birth was such an exciting event. A special delivery for sure! It was very nice to be in such a relaxed environment, no monitors, rotating nurses, blood pressure cuff going off in the middle of contractions, no interruptions! It was GREAT!!!
Kaleb Micah was born at 9:42 pm, weighed 8 lbs 5 oz, and was 20 inches long. He is a doll baby!


  1. Congratulations! He is adorable!

  2. Congratulations! He looks so cute, Im looking forward to meeting him.


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