Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whose business is it anyway???

I cannot believe what people will say? I have a friend (of a friend) that is in her late 30's, has a down syndrom (SWEET and PRECIOUS) daughter, along with 4 boys older and younger than her girl. She recently announce her pregnancy! A gift from God, a blessing, and desired treasure to this family. People have asked "WHY would you want more?" and "aren't you kinda old?" and "don't you think you should do something?"!!! Is one's family size anyone's business???? I think it is TERRIBLY sad when people limit God's blessings, but I don't go around asking families with 2-3 kids why they aren't having more? I especially think it sad when there are families that have a hard time getting pregnant, and then finally have children to turn around andjbe "DONE" at 2. It isn't my business, hardly ever do you hear people telling people to have more kids. Yet I have had so many comments and people telling me that I should be done.

I think when people start asking me "are you done?" again that I will just ask them "is it any of you business?". Maybe that will get the point across!!!!


  1. It really annoys me when I'm around people who talk bad about families that have 10-12 kids. I'm always finding myself defending those families, by reminding everyone how much we should admire any woman who has that many kids, and that it used to be perfectly normal. I realize that some people have fertility issues and can't have more than 2-3 kids, so I don't just automatically judge someone if they have a small family. I just smile and nod, however, if someone has 2 kids and says that they're done with having kids, by choice.

    Of course, if their kids are total brats and they aren't disciplining them correctly, then maybe it's a good thing that they're limiting the number of kids they have. If they aren't properly caring for the blessings they already have, then they don't need anymore.

  2. I found your blog through Pastor Anderson's wife's blog. (I can never spell her name without looking at it 5 times...)
    Anyway, I saw on your pregnancy ticker you have 1 day 'til your due date. God's blessing on your baby's arrival and your family!

  3. Thanks Kerri! I am now past due, but trying to patiently wait! He'll be here soon!

  4. Hello! I know I'm really late to comment on this posting but I couldn't agree's no one's business the size of your family or your friend's family! I'm an only child and complete strangers used to berate my mother for only having one child. Why would our family size be any of their business??


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